Watching & Waiting

The bank still hasn’t cleaned up our credit card purchase of our airline tickets. So, to date, still no tickets, and still four separate, identical charges for one set of tickets! Hopefully this gets sorted out soon!

In the meantime we continue to watch and wait. Mostly I’m scanning the news for Indonesia trying to see if they’re experiencing massive spikes in Covid cases. So far, they aren’t. While the news here in the US is uniformly negative regarding Covid, information elsewhere is at least pretty neutral, just reporting the basic facts. While learning how to interpret the news in another culture will be a skill in itself (just as it is here), I’m grateful that for the time being things are pretty low-key, although they are predicting a Covid spike towards the end of January after the holiday travel season.

This all bodes well that we’ll be able to actually enter the country early next month!

Assuming, of course, the tickets and credit card get sorted out!

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