Who Gets the Last Laugh?

So I’m sitting here waiting for our bank and the airline we’re hoping to fly on to Jakarta to sort out the purchase I tried to make.

Granted, five international tickets is much larger than our typical credit card transaction, but I have to admit it was more than a bit anticlimactic after multiple error messages and back and forth phone tag with the credit card company and three separate transfers within the credit card company to finally be told that we had, in fact purchased the tickets the web site claimed I hadn’t.

In fact, we’d purchased them twice, despite being told by the website that we had failed to purchase them twice.

I had hoped to post a simple picture of the successful transaction. That ain’t gonna happen, folks. Credit card rep told me to sit tight and that the airline would more than likely cancel one of the transactions because they’re identical. If not, he assured me that my calling in to alert them to the situation would pretty much ensure the duplicate charge didn’t hit our bottom line.

So, sort of good news, we probably sorta have two tickets each to Jakarta and back. Leaving the first week of February and returning in early July. We have the option to make changes to the tickets at no charge which is good because we hope to be able to stay at least through January of 2023, and hopefully for longer than that if we’re able to secure my work visa for Indonesia.

This is the closest we’ve been to actually deploying since we started this saga officially earlier this year. And while Satan may be trying to steal the last laugh by complicating the purchase, we all know who really has the last laugh. Not just in the matter of airline tickets but the matter of eternity. That baby in the manger we just celebrated a few days ago – He understands some of Satan’s tactics. And I assure you He’s laughing now and will continue to laugh through all eternity at the victory He has won for all of us!

Indonesia, here we come (hopefully!)!

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