The messed up credit card charges from earlier have finally cleared up. Despite the bank portal giving me error messages as though the purchases hadn’t gone through, they actually *all* went through. Fortunately within 36 hours, as per the bank’s representative’s suggestion, all of the transactions were cancelled. So I figured it was safe to restart the process.

Only to run into exactly the same error this morning. However this time, instead of retrying the transaction, I started calling the bank. Same error message as before but a charge shows up pending in my online banking portal. Three conversations, one call-back and one being disconnected later, the best they can tell me is everything is OK from the bank’s perspective and if the transaction doesn’t go through (and I doubt it will) I need to call the vendor (airline) to ask why they aren’t accepting my credit card.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even begin to imagine how to get to the person who could – even were they inclined, and I know they won’t be! – find an attempted purchase as well as troubleshoot why they allegedly refused it. I’m pretty positive it’s not the airline’s issue at all, but some issue of the travel portal for my credit card.

Next step will either purchase directly from the airline website or ask the Synod’s travel person to arrange the purchase directly. This is going to get done! Praying for my patience in the meantime is probably not a bad idea 🙂

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