New (Temporary) Home

After 1500 miles, several days of travel and a brief ferry ride, we’ve arrived in our new, temporary home of Anderson Island, WA. We unexpectedly found a halfway reasonably priced furnished rental here since summer is over and the crush of tourists has passed. We decided after four months in the summer heat of Phoenix it was an opportunity to introduce our kids to one of our favorite areas of the United States – the Pacific Northwest.

Walks are much easier in the cool of the Northwest!

We’ve settled in a bit and begun getting a lay of the land. That means lots of walks in the cool, damp greenness that is coastal Washington. We also discovered there’s a Lutheran church on the island and plan to visit them this weekend.

We plan to be here through early November. At that time we may relocate to the Western coast of Washington, near the town of Aberdeen through the end of the month. We’re praying we receive word of our Taiwan visa applications being accepted and issued, in which case we’ll begin the final planning for our departure. But without knowing when that might happen, we want to avoid any long-term lease situations. This makes us mobile – nomadic even! It provides the opportunity to enhance our home-schooling with location-specific skills and studies, but it does leave us feeling a bit displaced. We’re encouraged in knowing this is only for a time, and the future will sort itself out eventually. Thankfully we only really have to deal with one day at a time even if we’d prefer to be planning quite a bit further out. The simplicity of the moment in focusing on minimizing trips to the mainland for groceries is a good distraction. Please continue your prayers that our visas will be issued soon and we can begin the next stage of service to our Lord and Church!

2 thoughts on “New (Temporary) Home

  1. Sending our prayers to you, keeping you safe and hopefully on your journey soon. Blessings, The Ruth Guild from St. John Lutheran Church, Wadena, Mn.


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