In Faith Dependent, Anderson Island

When we seized the opportunity to spend some time in the Pacific Northwest we also hoped we’d have the opportunity to visit with some Lutheran congregations. Although that focus is slowing somewhat as we pivot in prayerful anticipation of our visas being issued, it’s still a joy to meet fellow Lutherans and brothers and sisters in Christ. However we could hardly have hoped we would find a Lutheran congregation on the same small island!

Yet when we arrived and began using the island app that provides handy details of various activities and services on Anderson Island, we found Independent Lutheran Church listed. What did that mean? It seemed only reasonable to visit and find out!

The church is located in a cleared area of woods towards the middle of the island. There was only one other car when we arrived but soon others came.

What we discovered is that the actual name is In Faith Dependent Lutheran Church. The small congregation and the pastor were very welcoming and no doubt a bit surprised to have four visitors (Mika stayed home with a migraine)! We joined them for their 10am Bible study as they worked their way through 1 Kings and the history of the transition from King David to his son, Solomon. We stayed for worship at 11am, when they brought out Lutheran Service Books. Curiouser and curiouser! We moved through Divine Service 3 then stayed for refreshments afterwards. We were able to share a little conversationally about our upcoming future serving the Church on the other side of the planet.

I was able to look them up when I got home, and discovered they’re an LCMS congregation! While the church has probably been around for quite a while, the congregation became part of the LCMS in 2005. What a surprising blessing to find an LCMS church literally around the corner from us! We hope to be able to join them again before our time here is up!

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