Done With Doctors!

At least, I think we are!

This has been the most intimidating aspect of our preparations for applying for a work visa for Taiwan. Having been out of the traditional doctor/insurance system for more than a few years, it was a bit bewildering to enter into it with somewhat of a vengeance.

My work visa application for Taiwan requires basic measles/mumps/rubella immunizations for all of us. This required us to get our teen-aged kids immunized, and since neither my wife nor I had any documentation proving we had received this immunization as children, we had to have blood tests to ensure we have the antibodies (we do!).

Additionally, we need to demonstrate we are not infected with syphillis, and our entire family has to demonstrate this since we’re all over the age of 15. That meant another round of blood draws and blood tests for everyone. Finally, we all had to have chest x-rays to prove we did not have tuberculosis.

Nobody likes injections or blood draws, so having to do it repeatedly was not exactly at the top of any of our bucket lists! But, as of today I think we’ve completed all of the necessary tests. The last hurdle remains having the results signed off on by a physician AND notarized at the same time. That should be a bit interesting but I think we have a mobile notary service lined up who can do that.

Once this is done, we should be ready to send in our visa applications for Taiwan. We aren’t sure how long it will take to be approved (or told we need to submit more of different documentation). A few weeks ago we assumed it wouldn’t be until the first of next year, but that has changed in the past couple of weeks and now there’s a chance we might deploy sooner. It’s both exciting to think we’re getting closer to our goal, but also strange as well after this time of waiting and preparing.

Please continue to pray everything with the notarizations goes smoothly and we’re able to get our applications submitted before the end of the month. Pray the Holy Spirit would ensure we are able to deploy as soon as it is best for us to, and pray for our continued patience in the meantime. We remain very grateful for your prayers and encouragement!

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