St. Matthew ~ Sonora, CA

Shortly after departing my last parish I received a message from a young couple that attended there several years ago. They were finally ready to get married. Would I do the honors in September?


I told them I would if I could but they ought to have a backup ready in case we deployed by then (ah, how hopeful and naive we were back then, pre-Delta variant!). As it turns out we’re still here and so I headed to just outside Yosemite and the Sierra Nevadas to perform their wedding. And of course, while in the area I wanted to take the opportunity to visit with a congregation if one was open to me stopping by.

Pastor Tom Sharp at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Sonora responded to my inquiry, and this morning I worshiped with them and shared during their Bible study hour about LCMS global work and my upcoming part in it. I had the chance to meet a couple who served as LCMS missionaries to Papua New Guinea in the mid-late 1960’s, a few years before Gena’s parents were sent there. It was an enjoyable morning of God’s Word & Sacrament as well as the privilege of sharing with the saints.

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