Risen Savior, Chandler

When we first arrived in Chandler I started calling around, introducing myself to the pastors nearby and e-mailing those farther afield. The closest to where we’re staying by far is Risen Savior, just about a mile away. Pastor Burcham and I were able to sit down for lunch in late July or early August between our various travels, and he offered us the opportunity to address the attendees of their Forum – Bible study time between two of their three summer services on Sunday morning.

This morning we were able to share with these folks some of what the LCMS is up to around the world as well as our piece in that large, complex puzzle. There were lots of questions about language, culture, politics and religion. Some of them I could answer, others I didn’t know – there’s still so much to learn!

Thanks to the saints at Risen Savior for welcoming us this morning!

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