Shifting Gears

This morning we bid our hosts, the Taggatzes farewell. To thank them for their hospitality we took their family to their favorite coffee shop where we enjoyed caffeine until their girls let us know it was time to go. Already we’ve met so many great people, it’s hard to even begin to imagine all the people we’ll be meeting around the world in the coming years. So much to look forward to even in the midst of farewells.

Don’t mind me – I always look perplexed! Thankfully everyone else is far more photogenic!

Yesterday Gena was able to meet up with an old friend from college days, Andrea. A good chance to reminisce and catch up on all that has happened in the intervening years as they married and had families.

This afternoon we were blessed with a hotel room for the next two nights by our hosts, Blessed Savior Lutheran Church, New Berlin, WI. We were able to check in a bit early today which gave me time to finalize my sermon for tomorrow’s two services. We’re looking forward to meeting Pastor Martinho Sander and his community gathered in worship around the Lord’s good gifts of Word and Sacrament!

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