New Berlin, WI

Today we were blessed to worship with the people at Blessed Savior Lutheran Church in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Pastor Sander had invited me to preach for both services, which I think was a blessing not only for me but also for him, as he was struggling with a health issue that made standing very painful for him. It was hard but also inspiring to watch this faithful man carry out the other duties of leading liturgy and administering the Sacrament to his people, but I was glad at the very least he didn’t have to stand and preach!

We learned that I am the 16th missionary this congregation has supported over the years. That’s a great track record, and a good reminder that as easy as it is to get focused on our own issues and anticipations, we are just a small part of something Blessed Savior and the LCMS and the people of God have been doing for 2000 years. It helps me keep things in context. Helps me remember this is certainly not a solitary Calling or undertaking, but simply one of countless others Called in a particular way by the Holy Spirit to the work of His Church.

After the service we went for lunch with Pastor Sander and his wife and Larry. Larry is a retired professor and also has contact with some Christians in Medan, where we anticipate living once Covid recedes. He provided us with their e-mail so I can touch base with them to learn more about relocating. It’s exciting to think there will be other Christians (and Americans even) we can build relationships with in Medan. The Mexican food we had for lunch was also quite delicious – thank you to Larry for treating us all!

Tomorrow we return home. This shorter trip was a great opportunity to share the story of God’s work with more people, trusting the Holy Spirit to continue the work as He sees fit as we depart.

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