Oak Creek, WI

We were blessed to arrive in time to worship with the good folks at Grace Lutheran of Oak Creek, Wisconsin at their 6:30 pm Thursday worship. Afterwards, we were amazed – nearly everyone who attended worship stayed after the service to hear us talk about our upcoming deployment to Southeast Asia. We had a great time talking with multiple people after the service. One man served in the Air Force in Southeast Asia. We also had the chance to meet an international worker who has concluded her service and was headed to a teaching job in Illinois.

It was a long day by the time we followed Pastor Taggatz back to his home, where we were staying for two nights. Their kids were already asleep but we had a chance to talk a bit with he and his wife before retiring for a much needed sleep. We had an entire basement to ourselves! Their hospitality saved us the expense of two nights’ of hotel and gave us a chance to get to know them a bit more.

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