What Do You Mean We Have Partners?!?!

How is that even possible? Just a few days officially on the job, and already support is being raised, partnerships created. If you doubt miracles, I can assure you they are real!

I started getting notifications from a fund-raising group associated with our denomination that people were already partnering with us, sending in money to help us reach a financial critical mass which will take us not just away from California but out of the United States, off the continent of North America and towards any number of possible island homes in Southeast Asia.

As I scan the e-mail with lists of names and addresses and amounts I’m stunned. I know these people probably don’t know us, per se. Not even in a second-hand sort of way. Rather, they’re giving to an idea, to a recognition that God the Holy Spirit is at work in more than just the cornfields of Iowa or the cities of the United States. He’s doing things all over the world and some of those things need support and encouragement and resources and people. So these people give. Trusting their money will be placed where it’s needed. Trusting that the God who provides all of us with what we need will receive their gifts of thanks to him and redirect those where needed.

I just didn’t think it would start happening so soon. It’s a little terrifying. Very humbling. Very exciting! Many thanks to all of you who are partnering with us whether you realize it yet or not. The important thing is that you realize you’re being obedient to God the Holy Spirit’s leading, and trusting him to do the right thing. That way, in all the checks being written and in our concrete steps of beginning to untether and set off to the relative unknown, God should and will receive all the glory!

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