Starting Week Two

This week there are fewer videoconferences to handle. There are some paperwork loose ends to be chased down and tied off. And then on Friday we head out to headquarters in St. Louis for mandatory new employee orientation. It’s been a long time since I’ve been part of a bureaucracy. A long time since I’ve been just one of many employees plugging along with everyone else through the necessary if not altogether enjoyable aspects of making an organizational successful. It’s going to take some readjusting to, for certain!

On the way to St. Louis we’ll take time to stop off and meet the funding organization who is helping match us up with partners for our work overseas. That will be exciting. I’ve been hearing about this place for the better part of a decade, as a retired pastor in my congregation has been friends with the founder for many, many years. Now it’s my turn to tour the farm-turned-church-support-raising operation, and to give thanks for the way God the Holy Spirit organizes the Body of Christ to accomplish amazing things.

It’s been 14 years since I finished my seminary work in St. Louis. Probably close to five years since I was last there for a conference. We have a few friends there though we’ll get to catch up with in the evenings. And we’ll have the opportunity to meet another family who is already living in the city we are headed towards as our home base – Medan, Indonesia. It will be nice to sit down with them over dinner and hear about their experiences (they’ve been there not quite two years, and are back in the US because COVID has complicated the process of obtaining and renewing visas). It’s nice to know there will be some time to relax as well as days filled with new things to learn and prepare ourselves for. We’ll also enjoy some cooler weather, as we aren’t likely to get any of that when we reach Medan!

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