Going Live

As of today I’m no longer the employee of my congregation, but rather a Theological Educator for my denominational polity. And yes, that means a cut in pay!

As I transition into my new role and prepare for overseas deployment, I continue serving my congregation, though. There’s no way I could simply up and leave them a few weeks before Easter! It seemed only right and proper to continue preaching and fulfilling the areas of my work that I can as a parish pastor until Easter. Then, it will be time to back out. Pack up the office, and make a space. A space to be felt, a space to be a prompt, a space inviting itself to be filled by another pastor somewhere down the line. He must increase, but I must decrease.

So for the time being I wear two hats. That means starting a slew of training sessions and Zoom meetings with the synodical staff helping to bring me on board and get myself and my wife and our family up to speed and ready for deployment as quickly as possible. It means communicating with an incredible fundraising group in Iowa to set up a visit in a few weeks and help them feel comfortable in partnering with us. It means a lot of things. And while there’s excitement at the new stuff coming along, there’s also a certain level of exhaustion already, and an anticipation of a time in the all-too soon future when there will just be one hat again!

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