I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam for my second visit with Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH). Celebrating a dozen years of operation, this is one of three LC-MS international schools in Asia (Hong Kong & Shanghai) and Southeast Asia. It’s a blessing to get to visit with the staff of this amazing educational institution again.

We enjoyed multiple opportunities for fellowship and I had several one-on-one appointments with folks as well. Unfortunately I didn’t get photos in any of these situations. I’m not a photographer by nature so I ask your forgiveness!

However, I did get this photo of St. Joseph Cathedral in the Old Quarter of Hanoi late one night. Earlier in the evening the courtyard and steps in front of the entrance was jammed as people gathered to listen to an evening service despite a light, misting rain. The banner hanging in front is for Easter, showing our victorious Lord over the terrified Roman guards as well as the empty tomb. What a joy it is each day but particularly during this time of year to remember the victory our Lord won not just for himself but all creation!

One thought on “CISH

  1. Beautiful banner and church. You’ll have second chances at photos…you’re networking Keep up the faithful work. Love you all.


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