Upcoming Journeys

Tomorrow I leave for Hanoi, Vietnam. My work there is to spend time with the staff of the Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH). Work, but great joy. We have an amazing staff there who share the love of Christ through their love and concern and attention daily to the students entrusted to their care.

Next week I leave Hanoi to fly to Okinawa, where I have the honor of bringing Word and Sacrament to American military personnel stationed there. My goal is to visit Okinawa at least twice a year to support the ongoing ministry of Rev. Jastram who travels there more regularly from Tokyo. I’ll then travel from Okinawa to Tokyo to meet with Rev. Jastram, see some of his ministry, and bring the Word of God to a small, English-speaking congregation in Tokyo.

Please pray for safe travels and that the Word might go out and accomplish far more than I could ever imagine or hope!

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