The campus of Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH) is twice as big as when we last visited. In the interim they completed Building B, which houses their high school students. It’s a beautiful campus tucked away on the edge of a golf course about 40 minutes north of downtown Hanoi.

The school is one of the top schools in all of Vietnam, with a growing enrollment of just over 500 students. About half of them are Vietnamese students and the other half come from ex-pat families from around the world living in Hanoi. The staff is understandably proud of the education they are able to provide, and in the span of just 12 years, they already have graduating seniors attending some of the Top 50 universities in the United States.

Today I met with the head of school, Doug Grove, as well as a few of the staff for devotions prior to the start of classes. There seem to be good opportunities to support their work so they can provide even better instruction and Christian witness to their students.

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