On to Vietnam!

As we wrap up a wonderful time of meeting with fellow workers throughout Southeast Asia, we are not yet heading home. Next up – Hanoi, Vietnam.

I have the privilege of meeting with leadership and staff from Concordia International School Hanoi (CISH), one of three LCMS international schools on this side of the world. They have been without pastoral care not only since Covid, but since our last workers in Hanoi and Vietnam had to leave in 2018. Now that borders are opened again I’m going to meet and discuss ways I might be of service to their staff.

Although only I need to go, one of the promises we made to our family before deploying is that, as much as we could arrange it financially and otherwise, Gena and the kids could accompany me on some of my preliminary travels. It’s a very real part of their education, allowing them to see different parts of the world and be able to start forming comparisons between various Asian countries. They have loved the opportunity, and despite paying for all associated costs for Gena and the kids out of our own pockets (as opposed to being reimbursed mission travel & expenses), we’ve been able to make it work.

Gena and I are excited to introduce the family to Hanoi, a place we fell in love with during a two-week visit in 2016.

We arrived in Hanoi about 7:30pm, and after an hour or so of working through customs and immigration were met by a driver from CISH who took us to our Airbnb. It was wonderful to once again drive over the beautiful bridge that spans the Red River.

At the request of the CISH head of school, I/we will be in Hanoi for a week. I pray it’s a productive one as well as an enjoyable one for us all!

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