Chiayi City, Taiwan

My time in Taiwan was highly productive.

Firstly, I was able to see the LCMS SE Asia headquarters. It’s nice to be able to visualize the place and the people there a bit better. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a bit more concrete-ness in a job that is at times highly intangible.

Secondly, I had a great amount of time with SE Asia Regional Director Rev. Charles Ferry, my boss. Together we were able to map out a preliminary series of trajectories for me to begin working on. Guam, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam, Okinawa, and of course Singapore and Malaysia are all on the radar either formally or hopefully in the coming year. It’s going to be a busy year!

I was able to meet other staff at HQ, including Dr. Tom Park who arrived a few months ago from Southern California via South Korea, Julie who is the administrative assistant for HQ, and several others. I also got to meet the Ferry Family. I was particularly impressed to find out there is a Costco in Chiayi City. The pizza tastes almost identical to ones in the States, and it was fun to enjoy it around their family dinner table.

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