Singapore Connections

For the next few days the family and I are in Singapore. I’m meeting with another Lutheran denomination there as well as see a seminary campus they draw pastors from. The family is coming with us as part of our continued home schooling for our younger two (paid for from our personal funds, not from any monies donated to our work through Synod or Mission Central). Most of my work as a Regional Theological Educator is focused outside of Indonesia, first in cultivating relationships with other Christians and then helping to determine in what ways I might be of help to them as well as our partner church bodies and deployed staff. I also have the opportunity to lead worship for LCMS SE Asia regional leadership who are gathered for some planning meetings.

We’re excited to see a new country, and I’m excited for another opportunity to lay groundwork towards future work. We’re grateful for safe travel here!

Somewhere off the coast of Malaysia, en route to Singapore.

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