Our First Visitors!

Outside the visit of our Regional Director and another Office of International Mission (OIM) worker back in May (which was lovely, to be sure!) we haven’t had any visitors until this past week. But we were blessed this week to be visited by the Cima family. The Cimas work with church partners in Cambodia. They’ve been in Southeast Asia for 15 years now and were an encouragement as we considered the possibility of serving with OIM. JP was also a classmate of mine at seminary in St. Louis.

We were able to show them some of our local favorite spots in Medan, and spent three days showing them the beautiful area of Danau Toba. It was a great time together, in no small part because it demonstrated we’re sufficiently skilled in bahasa Indonesia to handle planning and executing a trip out of town. We had multiple opportunities to resolve minor confusions and make necessary arrangements and it’s a great feeling to know we’re capable of that. We might not be pretty at it, or perfect, but we were at least successful!

An action shot of game night!

So if you’re interested in visiting us in Medan, let me know!

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