Illness – Again!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Most of the family was laid out with sickness after our return from Kuala Lumpur earlier this month. I in particular had the joy of dealing with it not just once but twice, after I thought I had recovered from it. Frustrating but not too terribly awful. Fevers at night and poor sleep but thankfully I’m on the mend again. It’s good to be back in the saddle!

As of now, we’ve completed the first four of nine language training modules. We started the fifth module this past week. We’re relieved that we’re through the bulk of the grammar and are now emphasizing cultural training more, as well as more in-depth practice in speaking and writing, both prepared and extemporaneously. Just a couple of months ago we could never have imagined being able to do these things! And while we still have a long way to go, God is good. Thank you for your prayers as we progress through our training. We could not do this without the Holy Spirit’s work through you!

One thought on “Illness – Again!

  1. So sorry you had to deal with more sickness. Hopefully this is strengthening your immune systems.

    It has been a long hot summer in Phoenix. We are looking forward to temps under 100!!! We have been blessed with a productive monsoon season.

    We are rejoicing that learning the language is progressing well!

    Sending prayers and lots of love to all of you.

    Bea Olsen


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