First Meeting – Bishop Lawrence of the ELCM

I was blessed today to meet with Bishop Steven Lawrence of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia (ELCM). He set aside not just time to meet in his office and to introduce me (and my wife, Gena) to their staff, but also to drive us 90-minutes to visit one of their ministries – the Women’s Care & Counseling Center (WCCC).

Bishop Lawrence kindly recalled the ways the LCMS once worked together with them, primarily in the establishment of a Deaconess training program a decade ago. We had plenty of time on the drive down to the WCCC and the shorter drive back to our lodging to discuss the nature of ministry in Malaysia, particularly in the midst of Covid and challenging world events. I appreciated his gentle spirit and pastoral heart.

God-willing, there will be future meetings. But this was a good first one. Pictured below is Rt. Rev. Bishop Steven Lawrence, myself, Pastor Sree of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Port Klang, Kuala Lumpur, and Deaconess Elizabeth. LCMS Deaconess Grace Rao personally trained Deaconess Elizabeth over a decade ago, after Elizabeth retired from a distinguished nursing career and wondered what she was going to do next. Deaconess Elizabeth now does the lion’s share of work with the WCCC and shared many beautiful stories of the Holy Spirit’s work through the WCCC in saving lives and transforming lives.

Serving where called!

One thought on “First Meeting – Bishop Lawrence of the ELCM

  1. Praying that many doors will be open for your ministry…and that you will have the necessary wisdom for the task. Thank you for all you are doing for the kingdom.
    Much love to you all! 💞🙏💞


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