Hello From….Kuala Lumpur!

No, Kuala Lumpur is not, in fact, in Indonesia. It’s close by though, just across the Malacca Strait, and an hour from the Medan airport.

We landed and discovered it was Malaysia’s independence day. Which means in the past two months we’ve celebrated three different independence days – America’s on July 4th, Indonesia’s on August 17, and now Malaysia’s on August 31. Definitely a personal and family best, even if it wasn’t planned.

We’re here because I am meeting with the Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia (ELCM) tomorrow, the first of what I hope will be many similar meetings in Southeast Asia as well as the first of more meetings with Bishop Lawrence and the ELCM. The LCMS began work with the ELCM 12 years ago, resulting in our helping them establish a Deaconess training program (spearheaded by Deaconess Grace Rao).

Thank you to partners like you who help make such visits possible through your prayers and support. I’m excited for what this meeting might lead to down the road in working with the ELCM. I pray the Holy Spirit grants me wisdom to listen well. As always, to God be the glory!

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