Shifting Sands

News reports indicate Indonesia is adjusting foreign visitor quarantine requirements in light of the newly discovered Omicron Covid variant. What was a three-day quarantine period for a short period earlier this month is being expanded to a seven-day quarantine.

It is still possible to enter the country (at least from the US. Citizens of countries where the Omicron variant has been identified are now banned from entry). It’s hard to know what that will mean for our hopes to deploy after the first of the year. As we pray for strength and healing and safety for those communities experiencing the Omicron variant, we continue to make plans for deployment. Should Omicrom – or some future variant – render such plans irrelevant then we’ll figure out what that means exactly.

Flexibility is key. Prayer is key. Please pray. Pray for an end to Covid in all of these various variants. Pray for strength and health and resiliency for people dealing with another round of lockdowns, travel restrictions and other attempts to mitigate the spread and damage of the contagion. And pray for the Holy Spirit’s clear direction as to what all of this might or should mean for our family as well as the other LCMS workers deployed around the world. In this season of Advent we refocus ourselves once again on our true source of hope – our Lord’s return.

O Come, O Come Emanuel.

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