Calvary Lutheran, Aberdeen, WA

We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving week in Tokeland, WA, a small fishing community on the edge of the continent a little south and west of Aberdeen, WA. From the small cabin kindly donated to us by relatives of long-time friends we had a fantastic and up-close view of the incoming storms and rain. At times the rain was driving against the windows horizontally! For someone like me who spent most of his life in the desert, it was invigorating as well as deeply humbling. Such power is a reminder of the greater power of God our Creator Father. He that created the waves and constrains them – truly terrifying if it weren’t for the evidence of his love for us in his Incarnate, crucified and resurrected Son.

And on this first Sunday of Advent, that love manifest in the Christ’s anticipated Incarnation 2000 years ago and what we still anticipate – his return in glory!

We were blessed to celebrate this first Sunday of the new liturgical church year with the saints at Calvary Lutheran in Aberdeen, WA. We shared about our work and then received our Lord in Word and Sacrament. It’s a beautiful, warm community in this grey and rain-drenched part of the country. And though we’ve never met before, we share the same hope for the future, grounded in God the Father’s fulfilled promises in our past. Truly, Come O Come Emanuel!

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