Lord of Life Lutheran, Sioux Falls

It’s often observed that the Lutheran world is a fairly small and interconnected one. Even for someone without the strong familial ties to greater Luther-dom, it’s obvious and impressive in some respects. And since my wife’s family does have pastors in the family tree, their connections are a lot deeper and more extensive than mine.

So it is that we found ourselves over the weekend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, at the invitation of Rev. Wade & Lisa Meyer, a distant relative of my wife. He was quick to extend an invitation to come and visit. We were blessed to enjoy dinner with them Saturday night at their home, and then visit with their congregation Sunday morning, where I preached. Afterwards we gave a presentation on our upcoming work in Southeast Asia and answered questions. It was a great time with a wonderful community.

It’s fascinating to us that almost without exception, no matter where we go, there’s at least one person with a connection to Indonesia, global church work, or international living. Gena chatted with a woman who served the church for several years in Africa. We also met a gentleman who has lived or worked in over 40 countries around the world!

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