Travel Day!

Today we bid goodbye to our friends and hosts – the Asburys – in Norfolk. This necessitated a bus ride to Omaha, where we rented a car and headed to Sioux City, IA.

I’ve actually wanted to ride a Greyhound bus ever since I first heard Simon & Garfunkle’s haunting tune America. A desire I’ve harbored for decades to discover this country in an unconventional way. The lure of adventure and uncertainty and love found and lost in the span of a leg of travel. So when I booked our Greyhound tickets all of this was fresh in my mind.

My desire to ride a Greyhound remains unfulfilled.

We were on a Sprinter van with three other passengers. It was clean, convenient and uneventful travel through cornfield after cornfield. Which, frankly, is nothing to complain about! But it was hardly the large Greyhound bus I had pictured in my mind. That will have to wait for another day.

It was a great geography lesson, as we learned that Sioux City actually has sections in Nebraska, Iowa, and South Dakota! Travel went smoothly and we were able to secure a single hotel room that would accommodate the five of us – something that isn’t as easy to do now that our kids are all in their mid-late teens.

We had the chance to meet up with a friend of my wife’s family going back many years. She happened to be in Sioux City the same day we arrived so we were able to meet for dinner and a chance for the two of them to reconnect for the first time in over 20 years. She’s going to be a monthly financial supporter partner for us, and we’re grateful for her eagerness to be part of the Holy Spirit’s work in Southeast Asia.

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