Partners Apart (for now)

Thanks for being partners with us, the Nelson clan, as we follow God’s leading from the sunny shores of California’s Central Coast to Southeast Asia!

Illness – Again!

Sorry for the delay in posting. Most of the family was laid out with sickness after our return from Kuala Lumpur earlier this month. I in particular had the joy of dealing with it not just once but twice, after I thought I had recovered from it. Frustrating but not too terribly awful. Fevers at… Continue reading Illness – Again!

Lutherans in Indonesia

Before I joined the international team I would never have guessed at the number of Lutherans in Southeast Asia. While in Kuala Lumpur I had the opportunity to see two different churches that are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Malaysia (ELCM). Zion Cathedral is located in downtown Kuala Lumpur, shadowed and dwarfed by… Continue reading Lutherans in Indonesia

Hello From….Kuala Lumpur!

No, Kuala Lumpur is not, in fact, in Indonesia. It’s close by though, just across the Malacca Strait, and an hour from the Medan airport. We landed and discovered it was Malaysia’s independence day. Which means in the past two months we’ve celebrated three different independence days – America’s on July 4th, Indonesia’s on August… Continue reading Hello From….Kuala Lumpur!


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