Off to Singapore

I leave this evening for Singapore. I’m eager to meet at least one of the two newest additions to our group, expanding our fellowship slightly. One of them, Hayley, is recovering from Covid after returning to Singapore from China. She shared she never had Covid the entire last three years, but now that it’s no longer considered a global threat she came down with a case of it that laid her up for a week. She’s recovering but pray that recovery continues so she can join us next time.

We’ll gather around our Lord’s gift in Word and Sacrament before sharing a meal and fellowship afterwards. We continue to meet as regularly as my travels allow on Tuesday evenings for a time of theological discussion and prayer. If you’re ever up early and are interested in joining in let me know and I can send you a link!

This is a lighter travel month after a few pretty intense months. After I return Saturday evening I don’t have another trip until the 29th of the month when I head back to the Philippines. In between I’ll be doing some prep work on a possible seminar topic for the fall to be offered in Nepal (!). I’m also waiting for more information on courses I might be teaching in the Philippines in August, and perhaps some Deaconess training support also in the Philippines in October. I have a feeling my summer will also start to fill up in the coming weeks, but it’s nice to have a few days more at home this month!

One thought on “Off to Singapore

  1. So enjoy your blog and your “going-ons” The Lord is doing great things through you all. Know that you are lifted up in prayer and we are excited for the opportunities that lie before you.


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