Supporting One Another Overseas

Moving overseas is challenging. More so for a family where one spouse needs to travel for work. This can be challenging for the spouse and kids that stay behind, especially if the travel is prolonged. So it is that our entire family traveled to Sri Lanka yesterday to support another missionary family while one member is away for extended travel. I have the opportunity to do more teaching here with the evangelists I worked with two months ago, as well as lead and preach an English-language service in Colombo. While I’m busy with those things the rest of my family will be hanging out with this other family as an encouragement.

We flew from Medan to Kuala Lumpur (a necessary hop for almost all international travel) and then from KL to Sri Lanka. The first flight is about 45-minutes in actual airtime, and the flight to Sri Lanka is about 3.5 hours. Everything went smoothly, thanks in part to prayers on our behalf and in part to my remembering what needed to be done ahead of time and upon landing in Sri Lanka from my trip here in February.

Bandaranaike International Airport is almost 30 miles north of Colombo, the capitol and where we’ll be staying for a week. Our flight arrived just before midnight and our Uber ride to our Airbnb picked us up close to 1am for the 45-minute drive into town. Imagine our surprise when we saw a procession of Hindus on one of the main roads celebrating a religious holiday. At 1:00 am! And in addition to the crowd of people in brightly colored costumes and musicians with a variety of instruments, they also had an elephant! Fortunately Caedmon was able to capture a brief bit of it on video. Welcome to Sri Lanka!

One thought on “Supporting One Another Overseas

  1. Wow! You are all getting to encounter many “unexpecteds.” Who would have thought there would be a celebration at 1am. Maybe so it doesn’t interfere with daytime traffic??
    Interesting . Thanks for sharing.


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