Baguio City

We had the opportunity to celebrate Matins with the seminary community this morning, and afterwards sit in on several of their classes. The professors are knowledgeable and the students are eager to learn. One student has traveled all the way from Mongolia to study here. Another student is from North Sumatra, Indonesia! I had the chance to meet him and speak briefly with him in Bahasa Indonesia.

In the afternoon we had a tour of Baguio City, starting with the mother church for the area, St. Stephen Lutheran Church.

Pastor Philip has plans for the facility, benefiting from a local heritage grant because of the building’s historic nature.

Afterwards Deaconess Sandra and I were met by three other local Lutheran pastors for lunch at the highest point in Baguio City, a massive multi-level mall. We had a delicious Filipino lunch and then were able to look out over the various angles of the mall at amazing scenery in every direction. We were grateful they all could speak English and facilitate conversation that way. Several of them speak Tagalog, English, and their local tribal language. Impressive to say the least!

The pastors were able to share with us what they hoped a renewed Deaconess program would provide the women who serve congregations throughout the Synod and District. Some of the pastors work closely with a deaconess, because they’re married. They were excited at the prospect of both long-term training as well as shorter-term intensive courses that could provide additional skills and knowledge for these women to continue serving the Lord faithfully.

It was a beautiful time spent with brothers (and a sister!) in Christ talking about how the Church can better serve both God and man. Please pray for these faithful professors, pastors, deaconesses and students that they will continue to answer the Holy Spirit’s Calling in their lives.

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