We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

Is it harder to talk with people about Jesus if those people don’t believe in any God, or a different god? I won’t try to answer that question, I’ll simply note there is a difference.

The above photo is an item found in the seatback pocket on my flight today to Singapore. Lion air Group is a discount airline company. While the title is translated as Invocation Card I like the translation Travel Prayers. So the airline is providing this to customers on it’s flights who may feel a desire to pray before, during or after their travels and would like some guidance on what to say.

Prayer options are provided for all the major religious traditions in Indonesia, starting with Muslims, then moving on to Protestant Christians and Catholics…

…and concluding with Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian prayers.

It’s interesting to note the differences between the prayers, not only in who they are directed to but what they ask for. Can you imagine if airlines in the US put something like this in their seatback pockets? I wonder how long it would take for the lawsuits to start flying or the public pressure began to remove them?!

Please continue your prayers that the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:39b) would continue to go out to all peoples!

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