One Year-ish

We celebrated our one-year anniversary in Medan today. If you go by days of the week it works out because we arrived in Medan on a Sunday evening. But if you go by dates, like any civilized human being, then tomorrow, February 13, is our one-year anniversary.

We’ll celebrate a little bit tomorrow as well – by going to another ex-pat home to watch the Superbowl live. At 6:30am. Ouch. I’m making buffalo wings as well as the makings for Bloody Marys and Mimosas – requests of the hosts. They’re going to be making nachos. We’re also bringing along a healthy selection of American potato chips to round things out. And a few carrots. We’re health-conscious, after all. That’s why we celebrated this afternoon with a giant brownie. All things in moderation, especially healthy things.

Then tomorrow afternoon I head to the airport to wing my way to Sri Lanka, and the family will celebrate in the evening on their own. It’s not a bad way to celebrate – me doing what I came here to do. And we certainly have lots of opportunities for celebrating otherwise!

We celebrate our first year here. It’s a small thing compared to our many colleagues out here who have been on the field for years and years and decades. It’s a big thing for us, and a big thing to share on the eve of our kids beginning to make their way in this world. What a blessing, to share in the Holy Spirit’s work out here. And what a blessing to have the prayers and support and encouragement of so many partners back home. We couldn’t – and wouldn’t! – do this without all of you.

So maybe you deserve a brownie or some other little treat today as well. You’re an essential part of all this, and we celebrate you as much as we celebrate ourselves but not quite as much as we all should celebrate and praise the grace and strength of our Lord.

One thought on “One Year-ish

  1. Congratulations! What a quick year that was. And look at all you have accomplished! Thank you all for your faithfulness to His call. We will celebrate you today.

    Know you are in our prayers daily. Give yourselves a big pat on the back! God is faithful.

    Much love and blessings, Bea


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