A Social Sunday

Today was pretty social for us. Gena got to talk with her friend Hotline after worship, and was joined by Laura, an ex-pat serving with another organization here in Medan.

In the evening we were able to finally meet people we’ve heard about for a long time – James and Tika. James has been serving as an English as a Foreign Language instructor in South Korea for several years. That’s where he met Tika – an Indonesian who was completing her Masters’ in South Korea. They’re married now and were in Medan to visit with her family. We shared dinner as we got to know each other.

Anybody else up for a visit?!

3 thoughts on “A Social Sunday

  1. Hello, What a blessing to hear from you with more good news. I’ve been praying for you all to have good Christian friends as you do our Lord’s work. God is faithful.

    Much love and prayers for you. Bea Olsen


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