Happy 18th, Mika!

Hard to believe it, but our daughter turned 18 Saturday. Her birth was in Arizona, her first few birthdays were in St. Louis, fourteen of them were in California, last year she celebrated in Arizona again, and now in Indonesia.

Instead of a birthday cake Gena made her a bunch of cinnamon rolls. I know it looks like she’s 81, but she’s really only 18!

We’re all really happy Mika is part of the family. But we’re also really happy she shared the cinnamon rolls with us!

Later she was visited by friends from our language school. They decided they weren’t going to give her the same raw egg and flour treatment the boys got. The boys (and I) pointed out that this was pretty sexist, the sort of thing Mika normally wouldn’t stand for. But she was oddly OK with their decision for some reason! Instead they showered her with silly string and confetti.

We’re so blessed to have Mika in our family. The coming year may bring some big changes for her and for us as she considers studying at an art school in Malaysia. But we pray that whatever she decides to do, God will continue to bless her!

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