A Long(er) Trip

Today I head out for a week-long trip, the longest of my travels thus far in Southeast Asia. Although there will be longer trips ahead, this is an important start. It’s a testimony to how far we’ve come in the last nine months. I can leave Gena and the ‘kids’ here in Medan knowing they are fully self-sufficient. We have a network of friends and others they can call on in an emergency, and they’re fully functional in terms of basic communication, transportation, shopping, and all the other necessities of life. I truly don’t worry about them as I head out.

I have two stops ahead, the first in Singapore and the second in Taiwan. I’ll fly through Kuala Lumpur both going to and coming back from Singapore, but that’s not terribly difficult. In Singapore I’ll be meeting with some friends that were made years ago by other church workers from the LCMS and we still maintain ties with. Then it will be on to Taiwan and the LCMS SE Asia headquarters in Chiayi. This will be my first visit there.

I requested this visit to meet with the SE Asia Regional Director, Rev. Charles Ferry. I’m looking for a data dump of sorts in terms of contacts and possible projects to work on throughout our region in the coming year. I’m grateful he has the time to dedicate to meeting for a couple of days, and trust it will be a productive visit.

2 thoughts on “A Long(er) Trip

  1. Hello~

    I so enjoy hearing of your life in Indonesia. I pray your trip will be fruitful and your family left behind will be safe.

    The second Thanksgiving was amazing. We did a similar thing when we lived in Mexico. The pastors and their families were amazed at the variety of dishes…most of which they had never seen before. We were fortunate to have made a trip to the US for groceries as next to nothing was available in the little pueblo where we lived.

    Our God is truly amazing. I pray all the wonderful plans He has for you are realized. Great is His faithfulness!!

    Love and blessings, Jim & Bea Olsen


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