An old friend.

It doesn’t seem like much but on our first flight from Jakarta to Medan in February it was deliciously unexpected. Just like the in-flight meal on the two-hour flight was unexpected. And after close to 25 hours of traveling and transiting from the US it was a much-needed pick-me-up. A much-needed bit of excitement, as simple as it seems. Something so simple and so delicious! Surely there must be many more such wonders to discover in Indonesia!

Coming back now in July we expected the tea, the in-flight meal (truly amazing when the airlines in the US have stripped most services to the bone!). We knew the kiosk to look for to purchase our train tickets from the airport to Medan city center. We knew how to order our own transportation from the city train station to our house.

Things aren’t as exotic this time around, but that exoticness gives way to a much-needed familiarity which in turn provides comfort. Not that there isn’t daily experiences with exoticness, but those are contextualized against a background where we know kind of how things work at a basic level and don’t feel like we’re constantly flailing from one situation to the next.

And we still have little pleasures to look forward to both day to day as well as when we find ourselves traveling around the world again!

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