A Visit Home

This summer LCMS teens from around the country will gather together – as they have every three years for nearly 40 years – for the National Youth Gathering. What’s different about this one is that for the first time (as I understand it) a scholarship is available to enable families serving the church overseas to attend.

We received the scholarship, one of only two families from the Southeast Asia Region to apply and attend. Alec decided to pay his way back as well for the three-week whirlwind trip, hanging out in Arizona with family while the the others are in Houston. So with everyone else going, I proposed accompanying them and doing some visits with supporting congregations and pastors. I have visits scheduled so far in Sun City West and Kingman, Arizona, as well as one in Henderson, Nevada. I also have less formal visits scheduled with several pastors in the Phoenix area. If you’d like to talk while I’m back Stateside please let me know! The timing for this visit is good, as with things opening up throughout SE Asia I hope to begin making some trips to Singapore and Malaysia after we return to Indonesia.

This is an unusual opportunity for our family. We hadn’t expected a scheduled visit home for nearly a year or more. But we’re grateful for the NYG and the opportunity for me to share some early feedback with supporting congregations. A big thanks to those who made the scholarships for international families available, and to OIM for supporting our decision to seize this unique opportunity!

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