More Relationships

Since Indonesia began allowing foreign nationals to come back into the country on short-term visitor and socio-cultural visas, foreign nationals have been doing exactly that – coming back into a country they have been unable to get into since early on in the Covid pandemic. While Medan is still not a tourist hub and bule (Western foreigners) are still extremely scarce, we find ourselves in a growing cluster of them via our language school. In fact the owners of the school mentioned this is the most bule they’ve had studying here at any given time. It can be a bit jarring at times, when the rest of our life has so few people in it who look and sound like us, to come out of class each morning at 10:30am to a bustling room full of Caucasian English-speakers!

As a sign (ha!) of the school’s growing population, they replaced their sign today. The old one was barely readable, bleached out by perhaps dozens (or maybe just two!) blindingly bright equatorial Indonesian summers. We pray the new sign lasts, and the school continues to do an amazing job of equipping foreigners to speak with Indonesians, and Indonesians to speak with foreigners!

A sign of the times…

We’re excited as we finish the third of our four weeks in Unit 3 of bahasa Indonesia. It’s a lot of work, focusing on both listening to and then retelling Bible stories, folk tales, and history lessons. But it’s improving our ability to communicate on almost a daily basis. Exciting, exhausting, and all part of God the Holy Spirit’s bigger picture in bringing us across the world, thanks to the prayers and gifts of partners like you! God is indeed at work, thank you for being part of it!

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