More Guests

Overlapping Deaconess Rein’s time in country but missing actually visiting with her was Regional Director for Southeast Asia, Rev. Charles Ferry. He visited with us on his way further westward to assess the situation in Sri Lanka, which has been troublesome to say the least. Our workers there, Rev. Steven Mahlberg & family, are safe but there are incredible challenges to the population to secure affordable food and fuel. Please pray for stability in this area, that the Gospel may continue to be shared with God’s creation!

Since Covid travel has been challenging, to say the least. What a blessing Rev. Ferry could visit with the Woods and us! We pray his continued travels will be a blessing to others as well.

We were able to gather for lunch Saturday prior to an afternoon of discussions & meetings.

Pictured, from left to right (and with varying degrees of interest!) are: Caedmon, Gena & Alec Nelson, Rev. Matt Wood looking after Caroline, Laurel Wood, Rev. Eben Ezer, Rev. Paul A. Nelson, Rev. Charles Ferry, Kali Wood and Eleanor.

One thought on “More Guests

  1. Prayers said for your family and all the workers there working for spreading the gospel. God’s blessings to all of you.


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