Leavin’ On a Jet Plane…Part II

Thank you for prayers and e-mails – the love has been very impressive the past few days!

Today we went to the San Francisco Airport again. Our first stop was at the airline counter. Though I had verbal confirmation of our flight changes tomorrow, and though I had a photo of a computer screen showing as such, I was still a little nervous that perhaps things weren’t as set as we needed them to be. I may have a slight OCD streak from time to time! It didn’t help that our itinerary wasn’t showing up on either of the online websites for the two airlines involved.

So, to the ticket counter we went. We were relieved they immediately found our names and confirmed that yes, indeed they do expect us to fly out Tuesday at 12:25pm. Woohoo! They also indicated the flight was probably only about 1/2 full, and they arranged our seating assignments so that we were likely to each end up with an empty seat next to us so we could stretch out a little bit. What a great blessing!

Our next stop was back to the Covid testing center at the airport. While we had registered and paid for Covid tests on Friday, we didn’t take the tests once we knew we couldn’t make the Friday flight to Tokyo but didn’t know which flight we’d be able to schedule ourselves on next. After a bit of searching and then nose-poking, we received documentation indicating we are all (still) Covid-negative.

All of which means, barring some unforeseen circumstance, we’ll be leaving San Francisco, California, the United States, and North America Tuesday afternoon about 12:25pm. We’ll pass briefly through Tokyo’s Narita Airport before continuing on to Jakarta.

Thank you again for your concern and prayers. Hopefully the next update you see here will be either late Wednesday or sometime Thursday (US time) letting you know we’re settled in for five days of quarantine in Jakarta!

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