Leavin’ On a Jet Plane…

At least that’s what we’re praying for – that this time next week we’ll be preparing to board a plane in San Francisco that will take us briefly to Tokyo before the final leg on to Jakarta.

We had the option to ship all of our worldly goods (or at least most of ’em) to Indonesia or to sell off our worldly goods and start over again in Indonesia. We opted for the latter. We aren’t shipping anything, but we will take enough luggage to get whatever clothes we have left over as well as a few mementos and other miscellaneous we think will be helpful. The goal is to take no more than two checked pieces of luggage per person, plus our carryon bags and a backpack each.

We didn’t have oodles of large suitcases laying around, but when the folks at Christ Church Lutheran in Phoenix heard, they put out the word to their community and voila!

Now we have more than enough bags! What we don’t use this trip will likely go into storage. When we come home for a visit (two years from now at the latest, God-willing!), we won’t bring lots of suitcases from Indonesia to the US, but we might have additional items we want to take back with us overseas. Now we don’t have to worry about finding luggage for those eventualities. Thank you so much to all who donated their luggage, and we hope those of you who donated used luggage are enjoying the extra space in your closets or garages!

3 thoughts on “Leavin’ On a Jet Plane…

  1. Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    I am sooo excited for you,
    And miss you all alot too!!
    Love and daily prayers, In Him, Jo Anne


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