Tickets Booked!!!!

After over a week of wrangling with our bank’s travel portal, today I obtained the number for their travel service department, and a very capable woman spent over an hour with me on the phone locking in our tickets to depart (and return) from Indonesia. We’re so excited!

Our plan is to depart Friday, February 4th from Phoenix. We’ll route through San Francisco, then Tokyo, then to Jakarta. Roughly 25 hours of travel from the US to Indonesia, an hour less on the return flight. Now we move to the next stage of advance planning – figuring out how to reserve a quarantine hotel in Jakarta for our arrival (necessary to arrange in advance) as well as figuring out how to use an Indonesian app for our phones to manage our Covid vaccination status and the results of the various tests we have to pass prior to departure from the US, upon arrival in Jakarta, and prior to our release from quarantine in Jakarta. Considering the app is in Bahasa and we don’t speak very much of that yet, it should be an interesting experience.

But we’re excited for these new challenges. Our short-term furnished rental here in Phoenix wraps up on February 4th, so hopefully everything works like clockwork. We are grateful for your prayers on our behalf, and to the Holy Spirit for foiling Satan’s efforts to confound and further complicate our departure.

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