Partners & Experience

As we meet with congregations to share what the Holy Spirit has Called us to in serving overseas, I always highlight four major roles our partners play. They aren’t mutually exclusive by any means, but it helps to give people a way of grasping how they can partner with us regardless of their giftings and situations.

Prayer partners do just that – pray for us and our work. Encouraging partners are good with notes of encouragement, whether e-mails or other media. Sharing partners are good at sharing about this work with others we haven’t had the chance to meet. And financial partners support us through one-time and recurring financial contributions.

The incredible thing is that when someone is using the gifts God the Holy Spirit gives them, functioning in any or all of these roles seems effortless. So when friends of ours from my former parish in Santa Barbara ran into friends in town for a wedding, they shared about us and our work, knowing we were roughly in the same neck of the woods for a while.

So it was we were able to meet up with Dan & Carolyn, retired workers with International Students Inc. The Mexican food might not have been the best but it was a wonderful time sharing about our upcoming work and hearing about their ongoing interactions with international students studying here in the United States. There are so many ways to be involved with people from different cultures without even leaving home. Most any community with a university, college, or community college likely has international students attending. Building relationships through conversational English classes or opening your home or fellowship hall for a Thanksgiving meal or pumpkin carving event are just some ways to start and build relationships.

Dan & Carolyn have served professionally in this line of work for decades. Obviously they were excited to hear about our intentions of working overseas and even mentioned they know one or two former students who are back in their home country of Indonesia. Hopefully good future contacts as we seek to build lives and relationships there!

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