Experienced & Encouraging!

A blessing in our work is talking with others who have experienced living and working overseas, particularly in the service of Christ and the Church. Gena attended a small Lutheran Bible college (no longer existing) in Washington state for her Associate’s degree in Biblical Studies. There she made friends with a young woman also starting her higher education and recently relocated to the States from Brazil, where her parents had lived for most if not all of her life as Bible translators with an indigenous tribe. The shared experience of being third-culture kids forged a friendship and they would talk about how much their parents would get along.

Fast forward a few years and their parents were able to meet and did get along very well, becoming fast friends. So when we were in Portland a short time ago we decided to see if they were available for lunch after church. They welcomed us to their home and we shared a Vietnamese lunch of pho and spring rolls along with a great deal of conversation. They’re excellent listeners and also a wealth of first-hand experience about relocating overseas and working there for prolonged periods of time.

Cheryl was also very generous in parting with some of her children (books!). We look forward to reading through these in the coming weeks. What a blessing it was to have this time with Al and Cheryl, and we are grateful for their continued prayers as we continue down this path of service towards deployment to Southeast Asia!

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