Just the Facts

I’m too young to have seen many of the original Dragnet episodes. It was not nearly as favored in syndication where and when I was growing up. But the famous line of Just the facts, ma’am (even if erroneously attributed or cited) has become cultural parlance of a sort (or at least it was the last time I checked – maybe it isn’t any more!).

The idea of the phrase coming to mean that there could be a lot of curious or interesting stuff to talk about, but that stuff might not be pertinent to the issue at hand. Sometimes we just want the facts, free and clear of emotions or interpretations or fluff. Or, as I’m using it now, it might mean that we want to hear about what we’re here for rather than other tangential stuff.

I’m a writer. It’s part of who I am and who I’ve been as long as I can remember. I continue to write regularly on a variety of topics and subjects professional and personal. But I don’t do that here – at least I try not to! The point of this blog is the call I and my family are responding to in moving across the world to continue to obey the Holy Spirit’s leading. That’s how most of you found this blog – by meeting us and hearing about what we’re doing. You found it by deciding to partner with us in this calling in one form or another. And that’s what you want to hear about here.

Not my views on politics or current events. Not my reviews of books or movies unrelated to our current and evolving work and situation. I write about those things (and other stuff that catches my eye) elsewhere. This blog exists to help keep you not just informed, but part of what we’re doing. And towards that end I’ll try to stick to the facts. Not in terms of just posting raw data, but in trying to keep a clear eye on what this space is supposed to be and what you want to hear about when you check in on it.

Hopefully you’ll feel free to give feedback if you think I’m getting too far off-topic!

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