Virtually Settling

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we remain somewhat in limbo since the sale of our home and the uncertainty of when we will deploy overseas. The usual things that determine where you reside or more technically where you domicile don’t apply to us. We don’t own or rent a home, have utilities in our name, or many of the other pieces of life that help define where you belong.

On the one hand, this provides us with flexibility. We can change our location – as we’ve recently done – with relative ease. On the other hand it complicates things as we tend to the few remaining legal ties we have in the States, matters of how we define our residency for future tax and voting purposes, registration of our vehicles (until we sell them) and how our mail finds us.

Thankfully in this age most of our correspondence with banks and other entities is digital rather than physical. But still there are things that require – even unofficially – some sort of established physical permanence in location. For instance our debit card still expects us to refer to our billing address as in California, although a new credit card obtained this summer is linked to the address of a family member in Arizona. As mentioned previously, a permanent physical address remains a necessary thing even in our very digital and transient age.

Fortunately, we have now established a permanent address (well, permanent so long as we keep paying the annual fee!) in South Dakota. The next step will be to register my vehicle there, since the tags expire this month and I had hoped to have sold it by now. Then Gena and I will need to make a short (overnight) trip to South Dakota to get drivers licenses and establish our residency officially. In some ways this process has been bizarrely easy, and in other ways it remains somewhat complicated. But it means we won’t burden a family or friend with being the recipient and screener of what physical mail we still receive. And it will ensure we’re able to vote (in abstentia, obviously) and file our taxes in an orderly way as necessary.

Just another step in preparation for what will hopefully be a speedy departure overseas, and another answer to our prayers and our partners’ prayers that this entire process would be guided & guarded by the Holy Spirit!

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