Almost Done!

Today was very exciting. After an acceleration of our efforts to finalize our initial visa application for Taiwan, we confirmed via a Zoom call with Office of International Mission that we have all the necessary components for the application. Tomorrow, I go to the bank to get cashier’s checks for the application, and then we put it all in a FedEx envelope and overnight it to the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles.

We aren’t sure how long the processing will take once they receive it. Rumor has it they are now or will be shortly processing visa applications again. Rumor also has it there’s a backlog of applications! While we have partners in Taiwan who can help move the process along to some extent, we aren’t sure what that means. In that regard, not much has changed – we still have no definite information on what to expect! But it’s exciting to finally be sending this off as a major step in relocating from the US to Southeast Asia.

Please pray we are able to get it mailed off tomorrow successfully, that it arrives at TECO intact, that there are no errors or omissions that necessitate further work, and that it will be processed as quickly as possible. Pray for our peace of mind as we wait. Please also be praying for our safety and health – our short-term lease in the Phoenix area ends Saturday at 11am and we are on the road towards Washington State for the next 4-7 weeks. On the way we’ll visit with a congregation in Henderson, Nevada this Sunday.

Lots of changes. Lots of excitement. Lots of stress. But still very clearly the direction God wants us to head in, and so we trust him to get us where we’re supposed to be!

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