Mt. Zion, Phoenix

Today I was blessed to share the Word of God with the saints at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Phoenix. Pastor Wenker and I met at a Winkel back in June, and he was quick to extend an invitation to his church. Scheduling on both sides delayed our visit for a month and a half but due to his good follow-through, today was the day!

Mt. Zion is about an hour away from where we’re living for the moment on the southern side of Phoenix, but thanks to the many freeway expansions of the past 30 years, literally the entire drive was freeway and Sunday morning traffic is very light. We completed a drive of the entire 101 beltway in Phoenix, plus additional freeways in between!

The people at Mt. Zion were warm and welcoming. Gena was invited to come back and speak to their LWML group next month, and we hope that will be an opportunity for their already outreach-minded group to see further ways to be at work in the larger Church both locally as well as internationally. After the service their fellowship time was a full-on lunch, thanks to leftovers from a memorial service the day before.

We had the opportunity to talk at more length about LCMS work around the world after the luncheon, and they sent us home with an abundance of food leftovers! With three teen-agers in our house, extra food is always a blessing!

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